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A high five that is aborted before the "birth" of the high five. The abortion five unlike many similar high fives, it is clearly announced that they do not intend to complete the high five, and there is to be no meeting of the hands.

Abortion fives that are "born," when the hands make contact and thus create a high five accidentally, are called "Third Trimester Fives" as it was too late to abort them.
The Abortion Five:

E: Abortion five?

(E and B almost high five.)

B: Aborted.

The Third Trimester:

I: Abortion five!

(I can E complete the high five.)

E: Oops, third trimester.
by Ogen April 25, 2009
This phrase stems from cotton fields that were tended by slaves.

Pick my cotton in other words means 'do me a favor' but is not a question, it has more of a 'do it' tone.

Usually the favor being asked is a simple physical favor such as turning off a light or plugging in cables.

Alternatively it can be used as 'I'll pick your cotton' which is used to say, 'Yes I will do you a favor, but I hate you.'
"Dude can you pick my cotton here?" Pointing at the TV and PS3.

"Grab my coffee while you're in the kitchen."
"Fine, I'll pick your cotton. Bastard."
by Ogen July 20, 2009
The literal or theoretical loss of an orgasm.

-In the act of Fornication-

When a thought pops into your head just before you orgasm, that is so disgusting that you lose the ability to finish.

-Theoretical use-

When, after getting into a book or movie, the ending is so horrible that it ruins the entire experience.
B: Oh man... I just thought of Fergie's face... I'll be anti-cumming for a week.

B: I got to the end of the newer War of the Worlds movie, and I was sort of into it. And then the ending hit and it was a total anti-came. Everything was just randomly perfect! UGH!
by Ogen December 05, 2009
A "Noobhatma"* is a peaceful noob in a chatroom. He is defined by breaking no rules but furiously annoying everyone. He responds to trolls who attack with either confusion or laughter, and try as you might, you just can't get rid of them.**

*Refering to "Mahatma Gandhi." Mahatma means great spirit, or peaceful spirit.

**Assuming you are not a mod, and the mods won't kick unless a rule is broken.
<Noob> Person: i love u
<Person> Noob: That's nice...
<Noob> Person: do u love me
<Person> Noob: Hell no.
<Noob> haha
<Noob> Person: ur so cool!!!!!!! i love u
*Person** facepalms
<Person> What a Noobhatma.

*example came from a real chat*
by Ogen July 06, 2009
Someone who tries to get their own personal love note as a definition on Urban Dictionary.
"Dude I LOVE Tracy, and I proved it by making a urban love note."

"Awesome! Did you show it to her!"

"No it didn't make it past the editors lawls."
by Ogen April 25, 2009

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