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a word for a woman with very small and pointy breasts resembling anthills.
dude i saw her naked and she has anthills!
by ben powell August 02, 2006
A bustling town or city, anywhere crowded and busy.
New York is just the biggest anthill on the planet, there are crowds wherever you go and everyone's busy doing something...
by Erin Montgomery May 01, 2010
Used When buying weed, if someone laces your weed with LSD or PCP.
Man, I just bought this weed, it was fucking ant hilled.
How do you know?
I saw colors when i smoked it.
Totally ant hilled man.
by katrocks December 01, 2006
when one has a big chew in their lip and it looks like a giant anthill on their face.
I got an anthill.
by anthillville September 02, 2011
Noun. A work condition where numerous people are working on the same thing (i.e. a car or a house. Generally, anthills only refer to physical things like cars and houses, not a project for school/work/etc), resembling ants on their hill. Can be helpful to completing the project, or can impede progress by having too many people doing too few things.
While working on a client's car, we had much to do, so we called in a couple guys who had the day off. A productive anthill resulted, which allowed us to get the car done ahead of schedule.
by J.D. Favre June 02, 2009
The round mound-like area on women just below the belt.
Mrs. Deshazo needs to do some situps cause her anthill is rather extravagant.
by Dr. Satan08 January 17, 2008
Poo is released too ones vaginal area, then if fucked. Creating the vision of your average everyday ant hill(but made of poo, and a dick hole).
ayo, i ant hilled my cats eye.
by Winston November 27, 2004
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