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A delicate and complex creature, the anousha can be enigmatic at times. Her mysterious nature has lead to an irrational and superstitious fear in some primitive people.
Q: Wow, who IS that?
A: Anousha
by Falln Angel October 30, 2006
an annoying little bug like creature that can be refered to as a brat or a loner. it is very small and quick, and hard to spot. u can never get rid of it. try and insult it as much as u can to destroy it.
there's an annoying lil turd called anousha.

anousha is a nig nog.
by bazzy bad boi July 26, 2006
an annoying bug like creature that is very small and quick. they are hard to spot so if u see one.. insult it as much as u can so u can destroy it. it is not a pretty thing. i pitty anyone that comes across an anousha in their life. the only usefull purpose it has in life is amusing people. its "witty" sense of humour and fugly face is enough to make anyone wet their pants!!
anousha is a turd muffin.

i got attacked by a nig nog today... it must have been anousha.
by bazzy bad boi July 26, 2006

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