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daaammmnn, a sexyy fine ass girl who can always make you laugh. SO DAMN GOOD in bed, she rocks it tilll dawn with a nice round ass. has pretty face and huge tits. usually a brunette.
look at annalise go
by nick palmeri January 25, 2010
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Really pretty is the nicest person, brown hair brown eyes, usually is seen playing sports and socialising, Super crazy ,makes you laugh, always has a good time with friends.
Loves to get involved with anything she can and is the most popular girl in her class REALLY smart and is amazing!
"Hey did you see that new girl in class? She's so hot!"

"Yeah, she's totally an Annalise"
by Anonymous random May 27, 2014
A mega babe. blonde hair, blue eyes. the prettiest girl in school. all the boys love her. Annalise is very popular and everyone just loves being around her. Annalise has massive tits and very tanned.
Annalise is looking real sexy today.
by bambozle December 08, 2010
1. An incredibly unusual human of the 'female' model.
Generally quite good-looking, artistic and generally, cooler than you.

2. Refers to a human female with a chameleon sensibility, but unchanging insides. Clothing styles she may embrace are: lolita, goth, steampunk, stitchpunk, and/or DYKEDOM. which is not technically a fashion.

3. a small, fetal potato.
That Anna-Lise is frickin' rad.
by Zeek_Wilde January 14, 2010
someone that is a chick that has HUGE TITS, fine ass skinny waist and loves to have sex. has blonde hair.
Damn that Annalise is so fucking hot, I want to do her right now.
by beerboy April 19, 2006
girl with brown hair and blue eyes who has got a wetsuit tan
damn she is a 'annalise'
by akd54 November 05, 2008
a massive cunt. the most uncool person in the entire world. smells like dogshit and looks like ass. has no friends and wishes she was someone else. also has a 11 toe and a hairy twat. cunt. and a liar too
bro 1: yo did u get with that girl last night?

bro 2: nah, she reminded me too much of an anna-lise.

bro 1: what a cunt
by johnny wormdigger March 27, 2010

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