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an unintentional limp wrist on a straight person
Colleen had such a bad anky yesterday in the kitchen you would have thought she was a sassy gay hairdresser.
by Gecko Trollzone May 08, 2010
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A man wearing pants with shorter pant legs to show off their exposed ankles. The etymology is from "cheekies" for women's underwear.
What is the deal with that guy in his ankies?! Nobody cares that you aren't wearing socks, guy.
by Cpt. Kegel July 05, 2014
used as an insult meaning dirty or unclean.
Look at that anky ass bitch!
by KDSunshine September 26, 2005
A word to describe a fat, stupid, ugly, loudmouthed slag (female). Otherwise known as 'town bicycle'.
OMG you're such an Anky! Go play in traffic
by Mr Scouser & chums July 24, 2006

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