One who enjoys Knitting.
Modest, Sexy, Fun

also: gothic

v. to make the face ':(' excessively
by alicia July 14, 2004

Ankles is a game played by a group of friends, generally guys. Once it has been decided to play, all players of the game drop tou, where they remain for the duration of the game. Whoever pulls his pants' up last is declared the winner of the game. Often played at random, and just for the fun of being pantsless.

It has been said that whoever prematurely pulls his pants' up, recieves an application of icy hot to the testicles. I've never seen it happen yet.
Game can end on a truce.
"Hey, lets play "Ankles!" "
"Awsome, let's do it. 1... 2... 3!"
"Wow, it got drafty"

*2 hours later*

"My mom's here, it seems as though I must admit defeat."
"I win! Now get over here and recieve your punishment!"
by Greggo August 24, 2005
1. To walk.

2. To quit one's job or place of employment.

This is movie industry slang, originally found in Variety, the long-time trade magazine of the film business in Hollywood.
1) Let's ankle over to Mary's party.
2) He ankled his job after fighting with the director.
by VAKI5 May 10, 2005
a girl friend who always nags you and gets in gets in your business or always there like an ankle brace!
That girls an ankle cause she always nag me to quit baseball to spend more time with her!
by Che h. October 10, 2007
The mother of a child born out of wedlock. An unfortunate creature. Referrs to her low station. more modern definitions refer to the undisputable fact that an ankle is two feet lower than... An interesting survivor of the last 200 years. First reference to its use in this context believed to have been about 1795.
Ya, she de ankle dat de moll.
by Bob Prochko September 21, 2005
Popular or well liked person.

Comes from the word legend. (Leg end)
Cheers mate, Your a fuckin ankle.
by Kat_23 March 29, 2008
used to describe somone legendary:
this is because if the word legend is broken down, it becomes Leg-end.
a leg-end is an ankle, because, obviously, the end of your leg is your ankle.
thus meaning:
Legend = Leg-end
Leg-end = ankle
did you see what that guy just did?
what a fucking ankle!
by Dark-Phoenix May 28, 2007

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