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Ankles - A pseudonym of abject derision and abuse describing a person of absolutely unbelievably low moral or personal standards, being by definition "3 foot lower than a cunt".
After screwing his best friend's girlfriend on the side, Richards friends renamed him "Ankles"

Politicians generally rate so low on the the scale of social rankings, well below prostitutes, used-car salesmen and drug dealers, that an appropriate class definition for them is "Ankles".
by Whistleblower2 June 02, 2011
CPP is an abbreviation for "Condom on the Prick of Progress",
so a CPP Award is a special honour reserved for bureaucrats and public officials who because of their position retard progressive behaviour or outcomes by their stupidity and incompetence. Companion awards include the Darwin awards for those who kill themselves in spectacular fashion, and the Ig Nobel Prize for unusual or trivial "achievements" in scientific research.
CPP Awards should be issued to the US border control authorities taking a flight crew member into custody delaying a flight for three hours for taking an orange on an aeroplane, a local government planning official that manages to string out a 60 day town planning approval application to 2 years by successive iterations of miniscule objections requiring additional information and to a police officer charging a local citizen with theft for removing discarded items from a roadside trash collection point.
by Whistleblower2 March 29, 2011
A derogatory term of abuse, especially in the Australian context, being probably the most offensive form of abuse, but equally applied to men and women.Possibly the only embellishment on this term of abuse is to be called a "rotten cunt"
That idiot driver who just cut me off is a rotten cunt.

All politicians are complete cunts

That cunt of a policeman just booked me for speeding
by Whistleblower2 June 02, 2011

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