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The Syrian/Lebanese Arabic translation that means "really", "seriously", or "for real".

Similar to wallah, but without invoking God's name.

The egyptian version would be "begad"
I had work all day, anjad I'm so tired I could sleep for months.

A.E.: Why do you always reject my calls????
S.S: I didn't get any calls!
A.E.: LIAR!!!!

R.W: I'll be over in 10 minutes.
S.S: No anjad, when are you really coming over?
R.W: Okay, give like an hour and a half.

S.S.: You aren't gonna believe this... I just bought 12 for pairs of new jeans that were originally 80$ for $5 each!!!!!
N.K.: =O!!! Anjad??!!?!?!
by MzKhiLaRi April 18, 2011
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