a math genius who is very sexy and pimps more than two guys at once while maintaining a group of girl friends?
tharsika: I saw you all over that girl today...
jonathan: Its not my fault, shes such an anitha, theres nothing i could do...

vasant: my girlfriends such an anitha, but i still love her
by gewartz April 18, 2010
A beautiful brownie with a big brain & a big heart. Loves curry and math. Everyone loves her and if she's in your life, consider yourself lucky. The perfect brown girl.
Person:" Damn whats that smell"
Girl:"It's Anitha... smells like curry"
Person:" O nvm smells great!"
by OhWiseOnee January 13, 2012
Common nick-name for someone who is a paki. People with the name Anitha usually love curry and can nearly always be found munching on one of the many dishes foriegn gentlemen have to offer. Their natural dialect is bud bud bud and it is quite often very hard to understand what they are saying.
'bud bud bud' said Anitha loudly as it munched in it's curry, 'bud bud bud.'
by Paki Basher 21 April 26, 2008

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