God. Period. No questions asked.
Just watch "Family Jewels" or "Live at Donnington" and you will know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.
by Paulness May 27, 2005
Angus Young is the lead guitarist for the Australian rock band AC/DC. He is one of the most under rated guitarists out there. So many people copy his style, but no one can play like him. He is also one of the most energetic live players and is more of a frontman to the band then Bon Scott (old singer who died) or Brian Johnson (Current singer) Angus and his brother Malcolm (the rythym guitarist) write all the songs.
Angus Young wrote and played some of the most memorable guitar riffs ever (ex. Back in Black, Highway to Hell, Problem Child, If You Want Blood, What You Do For Money Honey)
Angus Young is the lead guitarist of the Australian band AC/DC. Spelled A-C-thunderbolt-D-C. Born in Scotland. Angus Young is underrated by many as a guitarist; however many people have tried, none have matched his unique hard rock/bluesy playing style. Easily recognized by the crazy riffs he plays.
If Angus Young is such a horrible guitar player, why is there no one out there who has the ability to play as well?
by Wes_Trogdor May 28, 2006
Cutest old guy i have ever seen, would love to spend a night with him.
Best part of ACDC.
i've got the jack
by Sam December 06, 2003
One of the best guitarists out there.
He is the lead guitarist for AC/DC, and is known for his amazing stage antics and his blues style of guitar. He was wrongly ranked 96 on the Rolling Stone Top 100 Guitarist List, when he should have been ranked at least #50.
Definition #13 can shove his crappy guitar skills up his ass!
"Wow, Angus Young is a freaking God!"
"Yeah, I love jacking off to his guitar solos!"
"Alright man, that's just weird..."
"I know, but who doesn't?"
by the crazy monkey January 25, 2009
Lead guitarist of AC/DC. Has incredible skill. His sole function on this earth is to play the guitar
Guy 1: Dude, Angus Young is crazy!
Guy 2: I know! Look at him! It doesn't even look like he can talk!
Guy 1: He's such a f***ing animal!
Guy 2: Literally!
Guy 1: I don't think he counts as a human...
Guy 2 (In awe as Angus starts his seizure act while soloing): Yeah...
by guitarchild September 08, 2008
The School-Boy Lead Guitarist From Acca Dacca
Angus Young is F@#$%en Mean on Guitar and has good fashion
by takerpoo February 25, 2010

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