Usually, at the point of orgasm while receiving a blow job (oral sex) cumming in one eye of your partner then kicking them savagely in the shin causing them to slap a hand over the offended eye. Then hop around on one foot screaming, "AARRRRGHHHH!"
Yeah, that ho Shalundria is pissed off for real. Last weekend I gave her the Angry Pirate and she still limping around the hood looking like a gimp Pop-eye.
by STONEDGOAT July 12, 2010
When you cum in a girls eye kick her in the shin and run away so shes hopping on one leg and has one eye closed
Man Forrest got a picture of Max giving Sean an angry pirate
by Sean "anal seepage" Mielke May 07, 2008
The act of kicking a girl in the shin and then when she turns around to see what happened you squirt in her eye so she is limping and can't see in one eye.
Damn dude, last night i pulled an angry pirate on jill and she got PISSED!!!
by Greg Trzyna March 08, 2008
when a girl/guy is suckin u off and b4 u busts in their mouth u pull it out and get them in the eye, then u kick out their knee or shin so they hop and get pissd. they may also make angry noises
Travis Kaiser was suckin off his boyfriend Chris and Chirs pull out his Penis and shot Travis in the eye and then kickd him in the shin. Travis then started to hop on 1 leg and make grunting noises...huns the angry pirate
by Trevnasty February 12, 2008
while being sucked off finish off in her eye then kick her in the shins so she'll let out an "ARRGGG" effect while she is hopping around in pain as if she had a peg leg, and if you want to be professional about it put your pubes right up on her chin so she has a beard.
Andrew,last night your sister was sucking me off in your room then she bit my dick on accident so I was pretty pissed.
So I gave her an angry pirate, she says she still has no vision in her right eye.
by Shastaman November 13, 2007
When you plop your nutsack in someone's eye, and they grunt in disapproval. Thinking, "Fuck you bitch!" you kick them in the shin. As they are extremely pissed, limping and wearing an eyepatch, you laugh your ass right off.
I am so mad at him right now, I'd love to angry pirate him!
by D. Rodriguez November 10, 2010
A sexual act in which you ejaculate in a womans left or right eye causing her to cover her eye with her hand, Follow this up with a swift kick to her shin sit back and watch her limp like a pirate. A punch to her stomach to make her groan is optional.
Damn lastnight I gave that girl an Angry Pirate.. She was really pissed off..
by DaveEY January 19, 2007

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