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Anyone who is obviously being stupid or self destructive in nature. Used to show disdain or contempt for an individual or group of individuals.
See that meth addict in the ER last night? What a waste of protoplasm.

All those people who are into that goth look going around depressed all the time are just a waste of protoplasm.
by STONEDGOAT August 26, 2011
Usually, at the point of orgasm while receiving a blow job (oral sex) cumming in one eye of your partner then kicking them savagely in the shin causing them to slap a hand over the offended eye. Then hop around on one foot screaming, "AARRRRGHHHH!"
Yeah, that ho Shalundria is pissed off for real. Last weekend I gave her the Angry Pirate and she still limping around the hood looking like a gimp Pop-eye.
by STONEDGOAT July 12, 2010
Forceably holding open your partners eye then ejaculating into it.
Aquanetta going to have to go to the eye doctor to get her eye opened up. I glued that bitch's eye shut tight after giving her the Pink Eye.
by STONEDGOAT July 12, 2010

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