After banging a girl in her tight pussy, ass and finally her mouth, Shoot your sperm rocket in her eye. When she says arggghhhh kick her in the shin and say "I just gave you and angry pirate!!!"
After fucking Stephanie in every hole, I pulled out of her tight pussy and shot a sperm rocked in her right eye. She instead of saying arggghhh, said what the fuck, so I kicked her in her shin and slapped her in the ass and ran away.
by I bang tight pussy June 30, 2004
The act of recieving head, but just before you ejaculate, you pull out and shoot it in her eye. Then you proceed to pull out some of her pubes, throw them on her face, and then kick her in the shins, thus making her hobble around on one leg whilst screaming aggg. She will without doubt be angry, thus making her an angry pirate.
One day i gave this chick a dirty-pirate. i laughed.
by Fast Pirate May 01, 2005
Or also known as the Dirty Pirate. Give a give web eye then kick her in the shin and run away, turn around and she looks at you like an angry priate chasing you with one eye and and a stump leg.
I shot her a web eye and she came after like and angry pirate!
by Joe February 12, 2005
When you're fuckin a chick, pull it out and shoot it in her eye and then kick her in the shin. She then limps around the room covering her eye.
I was doin this chick the other night and I made her an angry pirate.
by Pipes March 16, 2004
The act of getting a blow job from a girl, or guy...shooting the load in their face, kicking them in the shin, and then telling them you slept with their brother/ to make them say "arrggg!"
I came in her face, kicked her hard in the shin, and ran away shouting I slept with her sister, and she came out holding her eye, limping, and saying "Arrrrggg!"
by cjv February 25, 2004
When two individual of opposite sexes are engaging in intercourse and the male proceeds to punch the girl in one eye, kick her in the knee and then call her a dirty slut with rotten herpes. The female will walk and talk like and angry pirate with her eye covered and limping.
Some sorostitute was talking to me during sex about some stupid shit so I did made her an Angry Pirate
by James R. Pennington III September 07, 2004
A good term to use When my male lover gives me head. When im about to cum i shoot it in his eyes. I get all the cum in his eyes and he squints. He gets angry and screams, therefore i gave him an angry pirate.
Sal couldnt give me head last night so I just gave my brother an angry pirate instead.
by M. Rehmeyr February 13, 2008

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