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an angry, frustrated, or just generally pissed off person. Sometimes calling people ango will frustrate them more, it is very humorous.

Person1: ANGOOOO!
Person2: Shut the fuck up, im not ango
by mcg unit April 01, 2007
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if you don't know what an "ango" is than you, your self are an "ango"
man 1 -"dude, your such an ango"
man 2 -"what does that even mean"
by pazuzu5432 September 30, 2009
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A person that is yet to gain a Season Title because he is too much of a LunchMoney scum.
"Damn, I've not got a Season Title yet... I'm pulling an Ango!"
via giphy
by PyjamaWearingGod April 15, 2017
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