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a girl on myspace or any other social networking website who takes a bunch of pictures at different angles and uploads the ones that make her look as decent as possible and sometimes even pretty even though in person she is ugly
wow that bombshell i met on myspace was such an angle girl.. she had a whole lot of ugly i couldn't see in her pics
by Beej man December 11, 2007
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No I didn't spell Angel wrong, an Angle girl is one who has a slight butter face but who takes pictures often at their best angle to decieve people. Can be identified on social networking sites as girls who never seem to look directly at the camera.
Guy1: Dude, u think this girl is hot?
Guy2: Are you kidding? every single one of her pictures is at an angle.
Guy1: So? she looks good.
Guy2:(scrolls to front and center picture)
Guy1:Oh.....angle girl
by Lynguistics December 10, 2010
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