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1. To be extremely pissed off, and then someone or something pushes you to the highest level of anger.

2. The mental state of mind just before complete loss of control.

3. The result from being completely pissed off gets dangerously physical.
1. She had me so angervated, so I drove her car through her apartment.

2. Don't angervate me, i'm already pissed off!

3. Your angervating me get the hell out before I unvent.
by Chris Burroughs December 06, 2004
To both anger and aggrevate someone, usually to the point of physical violence.
Jason: *pokes Steve*
Steve: For the love of God Jason! Stop poking me!
Jason: Damn, you get angervated too easily man.
by XeonForce August 21, 2008
1. When one is already angry and someone agravates them.

2. To be pissed off.
That stupid bitch Colt just angervated me.
by Falcon March 14, 2003

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