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the opposite of an orgasm; a feeling of extreme displeasure
Shaun was so stressed out about Todd's new urban dictionary words that he had an angasm.
by Todd Lower September 15, 2004
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The peak of moral depression, characterized by strong feelings of displeasure and by a series of involuntary outcries and/or squeals.
Quite frankly the opposite of an orgasm.
Noah had an angasm yesturday after making an introspection of his love life.
by Comrade Karl September 10, 2005
Physical and psychological apex of negative emotion.
The mess created by the Congressman's angasm was truly a source of controversy and ridicule.
by Dan Rosenberry January 05, 2005
An angasm is a way of pleasuring yourself from anger. You take all of your anger and hate and somehow turn it into sexual pleasure using your brain.
Harry calls Ron a ginger nut.
Ron then says "oh yeah baby".
Ron had an angasm.
by Daniel Cale June 02, 2007

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