The anal penetrator of anal sex. Someone who gives anal sex. One who anes (see ane_.
What is wrong with that aner, he's always sleeping around.

I need an aner for the night.

Care to be my aner?
by Yuby Hoo May 27, 2008
The term used to describe the ingestion or consumption of alcohol via the bum hole. This process drastically increases the effects of alcohol, and is incredibly dangerous.
I only have a two ounce bottle of rum to drink tonight, guess i'm gonna have to do Aners.
by Shitchard Billington February 24, 2011
1. wannarexics disguised as anons in ED support sites, primarily every single one I go to and its annoying. go home.

2. silly girls that pretend to have an eating disorder for one reason or another and choose to remain anonymous while doing so.
Word: "I'm so tired of all these stupid aners taking over chatango!!"
Bish: "its a freakin epidemic. you know they eat!"
Word: "yeah, lets tell them whats good."
Bish: "get out my chat room, aner!!"
Word: "lololol bahahhhahah buh bye!"
Bish: "what time is it?"
Word: "aner banning time."
by BISHME April 06, 2011
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