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a person or thing who is of indeterminable gender, i.e. the boys from hanson.
zac hanson is so fucking androgynous lykomgwtf o_o
by omglawl December 07, 2005
Having both male and female characteristics( appearance )that it becomes a challenge for one to decipher what sex that person is.
Shane from "The L word" is androgynous, though she is a girl she usually dresses "like a guy" and is mistaken at times for a guy.
by naked nachos December 09, 2005
Justin beiber.
When i first saw Justin Beiber i thought he was a girl (i still do), it turned out he's just androgynous.
by Whycan'tifindafreakingname?! July 28, 2010
One who, regardless of sexual characteristics (ie. male, female, trans-gender), identifies (gender identity) as both male and female in a fairly even split.

One who's physical appearance includes male and female characteristics, making their gender difficult to discern.
by Androgynous A April 12, 2011
A guy or girl that has (physical) characteristics of both male and female so that it is hard to determine whether they are a boy or girl.
a.k.a. Edward Cullen
Person 1 "I cant tell if thats a boy or girl! Go ask."
Person 2 "No you cant ask an androgynous person that!"
by muahahahaha_iwin March 13, 2010
A shared characteristic of characters in most japanese rpgs, esp. the games in the Final Fantasy series after X.
Vaan from Final Fantasy XII is too androgynous.
by aka_Pyro May 09, 2007
A trend having to do with cross dressong, men dressing to look female.
The transestite explaned his descision to become androgynous.
by Lil Willi February 22, 2010