The Laney lover, the Kurre man, and the person who tends to talk about basketball.
Andrew is not FAM
by Ya Mom's Jeans! May 17, 2016
The biggest asshole you will ever meet
Did you see Andrew he is such a asshole
by Sped090215 June 28, 2016
A new type of penguin. Also a fairly common name found in the United States of 'MURRICA! 'Angie' is the general use of the word regarding females.
'Hey, did you see Andrew at the zoo today?'
"sure thing, that little penguin sure was penguinny!'
by iborche May 29, 2013
A (cute) boy (not necessarily manly) that can be both very generous and a complete asshole.
"Hmmm that Andrew seems nice, but he can be such a jerk."
"How do you know?"
"I know things."
by counterstr!ke March 24, 2011
A guy who is typically in secure gets good grades but does drugs.
Wow o didn't know he was an Andrew !
by Random2322 December 21, 2015
An athletic dick that hangs out with the sluts
Andrew S is a stupid dick that likes the sluts and I think he is gay
by Mememe May 26, 2015
A very sexy hispanic man with a BMW...... That's right ladies a Big Mexican Weenie. Once you go Andrew you never go back. So try an Andrew out and fall in love with him.
I slept with Andrew for one night, and let me tell you girl, He's got a BMW.......
by Sick Foo March 17, 2011
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