A really really cool guy, you couldn't ask for a better best friend! he would do anything for you and always looks out for others and puts them before himself. GREAT music taste and sense of humour, The bitches love him! Really smart and really funny and good looking, shame his sixpack is hidden by a layer of fat. Trustworthy and you can tell him anything! couldn't ask for anything more.
Person 1: omg do you know Andrew ?
Person 2: the one with the velociraptor?
by Velocesquid001 November 16, 2012
the hottest shit alive.

has been laid by jenna jamenson, tila tequila, pamela anderson, and other hoes that dont stank.
duuude that guy reminds me of andrew, he gets all the hot girls!!
by Katie_34 November 22, 2007
sexy beast with enormous penis, sexy body, great sense of humor and music.
The best person you will ever meet!
That guy should be more andrew.
by thump her March 28, 2009
the most awesomest guy ever. everyone wants to be him. Girl version of name: Andrea
Andrew is the coolest dude at buchanan high school.
by Greggg11 January 08, 2006
A Greek name meaning "warrior".

There are several varieties of Andrew.

The most common type of Andrew is a guy, usually somewhat attractive, who gets all the girls, and is loyal, somewhat mean-spirited, athletic, flirty, talented, funny, popular, sexual, kinky, and fun to be around. He's very intelligent, but not in a nerdy way. He's a dedicated boyfriend and will never cheat on you or use you. If you meet an Andrew like this, consider yourself to be very fortunate.

On the other hand, there is another type of Andrew who is quite the opposite. He's unintelligent, unfaithful, annoying, guillible, and a bit of a poser. Never date this kind; he will use you for sex, then cheat on you with one of your "friends".
Stacy: Who is that?
Yvonne: That's Andrew. He's really funny, and really hot and awesome.
Stacy: Oh... Definitely not like my ex boyfriend Andrew. He was a fugly dumbass.
by p-p-p-poker face? July 02, 2009
andrew - a very important person. known as "VIP ANDREW"

calli: yo vip andrew
andrew: hi calli how are you?
by trgfhjkhj September 05, 2006
A boy of high importance ; kind , caring ; easy to love and get along with ; humorous ; sexy beyond belief , very special ; talent skills in drawing .
Jay : OH MY GOD , there he goes !

Kay : GIRRL , I know , that's f**king andrew !
by - kaybear May 05, 2009
WOAH!, did Andrew grow antlers.
No thats just his hands next to his head.
by just that person September 02, 2008
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