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one of the most awesome people you will have the honor of meeting. he is intelligent and crazy. until he is 18 he will continually be crazy because he is still allowed to be. he will never give into peer pressure. awesome singer. speaks japanese and is learning russian. undeniably awesome in every way shape and form.
dude, what was that awesome thing that just went by?
man that was quinton. i heard he speaks japanese even.
seriously? my japanese friends cant even speak japanese.
quinton is just that awesome.
hey, was he that guy smoking weed with us before?
no. he doesn't give into peer pressure. seems kinda dumb, but he is still uber awesome.
by applesoft April 10, 2011
most awesome person in the world. cannot be defeated. has the ability to teleport, but only when nobody can see him. might be a jerk, but it is funny when he is. if you dont know him, he might seem uncool or mean or any other bad thing, but after a week or two of talking with him, you'll understand that he is just that awesome that he can pull it off.

some andrews may attempt to seem cooler by not using the name andrew, but instead use drew or andy. these are people who are not deserving of the name andrew. if their name actually is drew or andy, then they are fine, but it is not a substitute for the name andrew. andrews can only die of old age. if you think you have killed an andrew, you have merely made him fall asleep because when he is really asleep, he has no pulse and doesn't breath.

andrew also has an invisible unicougar that he uses when he needs transportation. andrews may seem as though they are 'high' but that is usually just how they normally act. is controlled by awesomeness and magic. usually does not have a brain or heart or soul. even though he runs on magic, he does not believe in it.
wow. is andrew high or what?
no he's always like that.

andrew was so rude to me.
yeah but it was funny huh?
by applesoft April 10, 2011
the ultimate in perfection. can do whatever he pleases. cannot be defeated. is immortal. most awesome person you will ever have the honor to meet. can be a jerk, but you cant help but laugh, even if he's a jerk to you.
man, i tried to beat andrew at being me, but i failed epically. how does that work?

andrew was so rude back then, but it was so funny.
by applesoft March 19, 2011
strange person. always pulling out his gat. loves metal music. extremely awesome. the bad form of weird until you get to know him. then he is the awesome form of weird. is actually black even though he looks white. loves to talk about your mom. hates white people. first two words he says to you are, 'sup cracka?' does drugs.
hey strange man i have never met before.
sup cracka?
ah. you must be race.
by applesoft April 10, 2011
good tasting material made of gasoline, kerosene, napalm, sugar, milk, and apples.
i tried to put out the fire with ice cream, but it only made the fire bigger.
by applesoft March 19, 2011
weird guy who was punched in the face BY justin beiber. now lives under a rock with a man named rick who, coincidentally, is not weird at all. go figure.
who's that guy?

oh, him? that's jacob.

is he the guy that justin beiber punched in the face?

the very same.

ha. sucks to be him.
by applesoft July 12, 2011

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