A complete fucking idiot, one who cheats on the best thing thats ever happened to him and hates everyone. Always lies and starts shit. He's extemely jealous and doesnt deserve a girl as amazing as the one he has. He is a low-life loser who doesn't care about anything but himself. She needs to dump his dumb ass and find someone alot better, which won't be hard cause she's amazing and he's a fucking loser. So bye-bye dick. Have fun without her!<3 (:
My bestfriends boyfriend is such a fucking Andrew!
by Her bestfriend<3 May 23, 2012
An AMAZING boy, super funny and really nice, has an awesome sense of humor and has the best hair. Not always nice to his/her siblings but should be, and gets all of the girls, and has a huge clock.
Andrew is hot and made me laugh
by leilahisabadperson December 09, 2015
Andrew-flirtatious, usually cute; popular among the "in crowd" for his humor; total redneck. All the girls want to be with him.
From his logging boots and Carhartts to his cute country accent, he was Andrew.
by BaconBits32 May 20, 2015
Those with the name Andrew are the biggest sweethearts you will ever meet. They are kind, caring, and very loving, especially to those they consider dear to them. Loyal, incredibly smart, and funny, Andrews are one of the best people to have as a close friend. They are usually tall, athletic, and fairly average looking. Andrews have kind eyes and a smile that will melt your heart. They make the best friends and boyfriends, being that one person you can tell anything to. A bit shy and quiet, but their kind personalities overrule any flaws. People with the name Andrew are also extremely trustworthy and can always find a way to make you laugh until you cry. They will comfort you when you're sad or upset and always be there for you. You can always count on an Andrew for anything.
That guy is the biggest sweetheart I know, he's such an Andrew.

Did you see that Andrew today? He made me laugh so hard.
by CarReeRee September 20, 2013
An Andrew is a very crazy person! Great fun and we all wish we knew one. Sometimes he can be a complete retard but lots of fun. Lots of girls like an Andrew because he isn't like any others.
Person 1: "who is that person over there? They look really crazy"

Person 2: "I'm guessing that's an Andrew"
by I am a very cool person August 05, 2012
the best person ever
andrew is so fucking awesome
by foofie99 October 04, 2011
A male who typically is conceited and/or cocky. Usually hot and smart but a total slut. Liked by most.
Wow, that Andrew is hot but he's slept with 28 girls in the past year.
by buttercuppppppppppppppp August 01, 2010
he's a great guy who all people bow down to. hot or at least kinda cute.
I wish I was andrew
by tehyn7u March 19, 2014
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