A beaver like emo kid with huge teeth. Usually hangs out with very cool kids.
Andrew loves to chew wood and make dams.
Andrew loves chewing wood and making dams
by yeeebuddy123 May 09, 2011
the hottest shit alive.

has been laid by jenna jamenson, tila tequila, pamela anderson, and other hoes that dont stank.
duuude that guy reminds me of andrew, he gets all the hot girls!!
by Katie_34 November 22, 2007
the person iam most in love with.the one i want to give me another chance. the best thing that has ever happened to me. the worst thing u can ever lose. my favorite mistake. the angel of my nightmare. a super amazing, hot, unforrgettable boy.
i love andrew.forever.
by iloveyou-brittany August 23, 2008
Andrew is the most amazing, beautiful, gorgeous, sweet, kind, caring, hot, awesome person i have ever met in my whole entire life.

"Amor vincit omnia" - Love Conquers All.
...i dont need an example, trust me, if you met Andrew you would think the same thing! :)
by lil_lowa September 14, 2008
Andrew is the best person in the world. He is perfect in everyway possible. Everyone (including me) loves him. If you go out with him you are way lucky. When he's with you, you feel like nothing can go wrong. Andrew is way hot, nice, funny, caring, and amazing. When he has his arm around you, you want time to stop because you know it wont last. When he leaves you, you feel like he took your life with him. Andrew always make you happy. But he leaves. When he does there is nothing left because he meant so much to you and you feel like you just let your life fall into a never ending pit that you can never leave. But when he's with you it's the best thing in the whole world.
Girl 1: Andrew is the best thing that ever happened to me!

Girl 2: you are so lucky!!
by LOVE-HURTS May 13, 2009
The best at everything known to man, created by General Custard in the 1800's, He's half man, half robot, half penis. He was created with the voice of angels and the strength of Hercules. He is most remembered for beating Chuck Norris in an arm wrestling championship. He once saved the world from aliens only to have sex with their women, he is man, he is everything, he is the one....
Chuck Norris' chest hairs are tingling.... Andrew's close by
by Asehole October 14, 2009
The most amazing person ever. Andrew's are super cool. Everyone loves Andrew. No one can live without Andrew. Andrew gets all the ladies
Andrew: hi sam nami and tor!
All: zomg yes you're totally and Andrew! XDD
by Whitey123 December 20, 2006
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