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1) When a guy is driving into the lane, gets fouled, and still manages to score.
"Kobe driving into the lane, he gets fouled, AND1!!!!!!!"
by Davie Flow February 11, 2006
1. a shoe/ clothes company
2. a term basketball players say, when they get fouled while shooting the ball and make it. they get 1 free throw shot.
3. tricky basketball dribbling skills, embarrass opponents trickin them and foooling them.
1. i'm bout to buy them new and 1 shoes
2. "And one nigga!" said the player after he was fouled while shooting the ball.
3. damn that nigga fucked you up with that and 1 shit.
by Crazy Mo May 29, 2003
In 1992 Larry Johnson of the then Charlotte Hornets was playing basketball. He got fouled and made the basket. You get the points from the shot "AND 1" free throw. Which he started yelling when he played.
The original logo of the AND 1 company is Larry Johnson.
yo, i made the basket, and 1 fool!!!
by Joe Fresh April 09, 2005
This term is mostly used in basketball games before a good/bad play. AND1 is an American athletic shoe company specializing in basketball shoes and clothing that is usually a lower price then example: Nike
"Man he just has to hit the AND1!"
by ThePigForce August 19, 2015
Basketball shoes that only real athletes wear. No hype, just awesome looking, solid performing basketball shoes. Sometimes worn by jocks, but most prefer Nike even though And1s are generally better.
Damn that kid is good!
He's wearing And1s, what did you expect?
by breaker1 September 04, 2011
applies to basketball only.
-complementing on how good those basketball/street moves were. These all involves crazy streetmove, and especially faking someone out. "You just got faked out"
-The streetball basketball team
"Damn, that's some crazy and1 shit right there"
"Man, thats so and1"
"You just got and1-ed"

"And1 are travelling around the world making their mixtapes on dvd"
by :p ^_^ July 24, 2006
The creation of streetball.

1 company brought streetball to the world with mixtapes 1-6.
And1 mixtape volume 1
by Attila Grecz February 28, 2004
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