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The oldfags of the oldfags. Those who were around in the prime creation eras of their respected communities.

Plenty play at day 01, but many of them would lose interest and wouldn't be true ancientfags, but merely oldfriends. However, there are usually the few, the arrogant, the true ancientfags! Those who stuck through the hard times and continued to be active even to the current day.

Unfortunately, ancientfags tend to suffer from Veteran's Syndrome, and as such, are usually so full of themselves that they emit horrible odors from their anuses which surrounds their vicinity with a poisonous substance, medically proven to take 32 days off of their lifespan.
Josh has been playing Maplestory since 2003 in South Korea where he was a GM working on getting rid of hackers. He was always playing maplestory even to this day, or I'd like to say that. He.. died from unknown causes in 2008, but not a day went by when he took a break.. Wait, that explains everything.
Still an ancientfag though.

Bob has been playing X since BEFORE it was even populous at all! Ancientfag? Yes. Douchebag? Yes.
by Douchebag82 July 24, 2012
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