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Somebody who combines the professions of analyst and therapist, thus becoming an analrapist.
Okay, Lindsay, are you forgetting that I was a professional twice over — an analyst and a therapist. The world’s first analrapist.
by NoneOfYour October 03, 2005
3452 272
One line of work combining the professions of an analyst and a therapist, creating an analrapist
I went to see my analrapist.
by eatmyfuck August 26, 2009
366 93
A combination of the words: Analyst and Therapist as coined and created by Arrested Development character Dr. Tobias Funke...which looks suspiciously like Anal Rapist.

"Those business cards you printed up almost got you arrested!"
Why see an analyst and then a therapist - I've combined the two into one: Analrapist.
by cosmicblue December 09, 2009
242 82
A combination of an analyst who is also trained as a therapist and one of the best ever jokes from Arrested development - series 2.
Here, I'll give you his number, he's the best anal rapist around New York!
by Asylum seeker March 14, 2007
55 19
someone who rapes, only with anal sex instead of actual vaginal or other penetration
There has been an increasing number of analrapists across the country.
by Shellie Ann December 26, 2007
151 1390