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A combination of the words: Analyst and Therapist as coined and created by Arrested Development character Dr. Tobias Funke...which looks suspiciously like Anal Rapist.

"Those business cards you printed up almost got you arrested!"
Why see an analyst and then a therapist - I've combined the two into one: Analrapist.
by cosmicblue December 09, 2009
Similar in concept to 'sea legs' - describes the difficulty people have walking in the snow and slush after the 1st heavy snowfall of the season.
I slipped three times on the way here - I guess I haven't got my snow legs yet.
by cosmicblue December 09, 2009
A description of drunken, sleazy college girls, especially on a Pub Night who are easy to pick up and ready to engage in anonymous sex.

The term combines the idea of a scamp (a term used for misbehaving youngster) and the well known synonym for women; Tail. (as in: let's go to town and pick up some tail.)
Lot's of Scampi Tail in here tonight - should be like shooting fish in a barrel.
by cosmicblue December 09, 2009
A derogatory term to describe a homosexual male.

Fudge packing refers to the act of anal sex.

Gerbilling is an odd practice of inserting a small rodent (mouse, often) into a condom which is then inserted into the anal cavity, where the dying convulsions of the poor animal are said to produce a pleasurable effect.

The term is derived from a combination of the two practices.
As heard on the train platform: "Get outta the way, you fudge packing gerbiller!"
by cosmicblue December 09, 2009

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