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an orgasm brought on by anal sex. Particularly rare in man/woman relations.
I was banging the shit out of her ass, and she had an analgasm... I was all like, ohhh yeah, I play it off legit!
by rumplstilskin, and I'm a meanie November 15, 2004
An orgasm that happens through the totally rad stimulation of one's anus.
Tom: Nah, she's not your typical church girl. She actually had an analgasm, last night.
by Lepidopteran August 08, 2008
an analy endused orgasm
dude, i was watching Walker texas ranger last night with my autistic sister and that black guy made me have an analgasm...i think my sister had one too, who knows...shes autistic
by bryant gumbal's frontbum October 23, 2007
When an attractive woman, makes a noise that causes penile retraction (goes inside)
Person1: Hey Sarah.
Sarah: prprprprprprprprprprprprpr (just imagine an EPIC fart)
Person1: Wow nice analgasm...gross
by $e9a November 06, 2009
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