When you fart more than you shit, and as you stand up, the fumes escape from the toilet literally suffocating you in your own gas chamber of a bathroom.
Man, did you hear about Tom? He died after his brutal anal holocaust.
by Adiosk8r515 March 05, 2009
Top Definition
To dump a load so big that it forms a pyramid several inches above the toilet's water line, often has the consistency of cement fresh from the cement truck. Can also be molten lava that explodes from your asshole, spraying the underside of the toilet seat. The horrible smell causes paint to peel off the bathroom walls and all of the house plants to wilt.
That poor bastard who walked into men's room nearly asphyxiated from the horrific smell of my anal holocaust.
by crapholio July 25, 2005
When your taking a shit and it sprays everywhere.
Man dont go in the john,I just had a huge anal holocaust in there.
by dr December 12, 2004
Is a famous porno grind band from Torrance,California.
GUY1: did you see anal holocaust play last nite
guy2: yea they sucked!
by doug_bowden November 05, 2007
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