A female that really like to take it in the ass.
Her ass swollowed my cock with ease. She was a real anal queen.
by Joe January 02, 2005
Top Definition
The girl you know that has had the most cocks up her ass. Or a girl who would rather have her ass fucked than her pussy
I heard your going out with Jessica now?
Yeah, she's a real anal queen.
by diesel.. May 31, 2006
A person who loves to take it up the ass and can rock the cock that way.
"You should see how she moves her hips when my cock is in her ass. She's a real anal queen."
by AnalQueen February 17, 2010
When a guy or girl has anal sex day and night.

To have anal sex more than 7 times a week.
Brian was a total anal queen. Brian just loved Texan cock and was a total arse bandit!
by Friday13 August 06, 2010
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