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a beautiful, elegant somali name.

It means grapes.

grapes, Beautiful, elegant
I feel like eating anab tonight,yumm
by mama23 February 03, 2010
1) A foxy young thing that hides behind her nerdiness. Is a firecracker when let loose. She's also the devil.

2) A woman with a very nice ass that makes people tell her to walk in front of them just so that they can admire it's sexiness.
1)You: Hey Anab, Why did the chicken cross the road?

Anab: Why?

You: Because of the Nazis!


2)You: Anab, walk in front of us.

Anab: No. Stop objectifying me, you guys!

You: Walk no!

Anab: Okay okay. *walks ahead blushing*

You: Now that's like Anab.
by GuyWhoDoesn'tGiveAShit November 05, 2011