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( can be said with a sarcastic tone) :an idea that's a billion percent worth implementing in real life (or not depending on how 'retarded' it is).
man a) my niece, who lives with me due to my alcoholic of a brother, was accepted to biochemistry at Harvard. I can't afford it.

man b) I know i sound a bit esoteric, but would you remember the movie Stealing Harvard?

man a) um, yeah, sort of. Why?

man b) I plan on helping your niece by reenacting the scenario from the movie Stealing Harvard.

man a) (sarcasm dripping from every word): is this your definition of an idea with merit?

man b) yes. i think it's an idea with merit.

man a) okay, you are entitled to your opinion, but the Unforgiveables wouldn't think so.
by sexydimma April 08, 2013
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