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Amerifags feed on hamburgers and other red meats and are impossible to distinguish from potatoes.
"Why is that fat man eating a ball of raw meat?"

"Oh, he's just an amerifag."
by D. L. December 12, 2007
An American who takes Bill O'Reilly seriously.

These faggits usually also listen to nonsense like rap, a genre of music which shouldn't even be called music.
Charles: "Have you heard? Someone in our crib watches the Bill O'Reilly show?"
John: "Yeh, they're our new amerifagneighbors who just moved in"
Amerifag: "BILL FTW!1! one eleven!"
by cokasdu March 22, 2009
An american fag; Nicer way of calling someone gay,homosexual,queer
Person 1:Those guys are fags
Person 2:Don't be so cruel they're Amerifags
by RastaKiD October 11, 2010
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