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dumb bitch
amber rose is a dumb bitch
by anarchy420 August 23, 2009
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Amber Rose is just fabulous. Shes the sort of girl who you can just high-five, and everyone just wants to be like her. Everyone. When you see her walking down the street, she is followed by rainbows and unicorns from Atlantis. You can get your VIP ticket to 'sassy land' from 'Amber Rose'. Preach it sister.
look at her shes so trying to be a Amber Rose! no one can be like her though!

person 1: Oh i wish i could be like Amber Rose. she is F-A-B-ULOUS!

person 2: who is she?

person 1: REALLY, YOU DONT KNOW WHO SHE IS?! please... there is the door (*points to the door*).. get out.. JUST GET OUT!!!
by LOU-PAN THE AMAZING December 14, 2012
Brat, loveable and smart, but a brat nonetheless....
Wow, that girl is such an AmberRose!!
by FedExGuyTPA December 27, 2011

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