1. A bush so large that it resembles the Amazon Rain Forest.
2. A butch lesbian.
1. Middle Eastern bitches sometimes got amazons.
2. The Dixie Chicks are amazons.
by Righteous Fist August 15, 2008
Used as an exaggeration to describe very long pubic hair. Derived from the Amazon Forrest which contains very tall vegitation.
"Damn girl, you got the Amazon in your pants!"
by Banal Schlong February 03, 2005
1. a bigass woman
2. a lesbian
1. Bea Arthur? Yeah, she was an amazon!
2. ...Bea Arthur? Yeah, she was an amazon! Or so i thought...
by tomskerritt April 23, 2003
Tall, butch lesbian bitches with no titties
1: "Hey man, have you seen that new girl Vanessa?"
2: "Nah, man does she got some tig ol bitties?"
1: "Hell no, she's a fuckin' amazon."
2: "She's probably munched on more carpet than you have"
1: "True."
by Pat Devine September 25, 2006
The site where you buy stuff
Friend: Do you know where i can buy some paper?
Me: Go to amazon...
by average sized dog February 24, 2015

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