Pubic parts of the body that have not been shaved for a very long time.
"Oh dear, I've forgotten to shave for three weeks. It must be an amazon down there."

by moosie_kl March 03, 2009
a website where people can buy cds, dvds, vhs, gmaes, software, books, and other expensive crap... many geeks people use this site for finding covers to print them to their illegally downloaded music...
i really don't
by Anis January 09, 2006
a freakishly tall and large woman. must be at least 5'9" or taller. must also be able to be classified as a gigantor. large enough to frighten some boys.
That woman was so huge! What an Amazon!
by emilou18 October 03, 2005
A really hairy pubic bush
'Amazon Bruski'
by The International November 09, 2003
The widest river in the world. A man-ish female tribe in mythology. An annoying book selling web site.
It takes so long to buy books from Amazon.
by sukebe December 14, 2006
The sexual act of lighting a womens pubes on fire and ejaculating on them to put them out.
Her forest was on fire so i totally amazoned that bush!
by AmazonianFireFighter April 20, 2010
In a similar style to ebay a place that sells you a load of crap for prices lower than that on the high street. However on amazon you can check your crdit card funds drifting nto nothingness. Thanks Amazon! Earth's Biggest Pile Of Junk
by Tom Brownlee July 29, 2003

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