Adj. of, producing or supposed to produce love;

Expressing love;

Having to do with making love.

An Amatory verse or verve.

An Amatory look or expression.
It's all good, we're amatory people!

Don't you think it a bit amarous when he sends flowers?

Jane: Whacha doing?

John: Thinking about fucking!

Jane: Oh, thats real amatory. You want a cookie?

John: I gave you one already.

Jane: There's no rasins.

John: I decided not to put the rat turds in this time and be more amarous!

Jane *giving John an amatory look*: Oh, aren't you sweet. I'd better go get the arsenic from your pie then. I'd hate for you not to be able to finnish your after dinner mint-chocolate goodieness. I whipped it extra creamy! Just like you like it.
by WhoWizzedInYourCheeryO's@day;D August 16, 2012
Top Definition
Russian metal band from St. Petersburg.
- Have you heard of a band "Amatory"
- Nope, never heard of them.
by Devivos February 05, 2008
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