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one of the only nickelodean stars who hasn't had an eating disorder, been arrested or had a pregnancy scare.
amanda bynes is pretty funny in She's the Man.
by icankickyourmotherfuckingass March 01, 2008
664 215
A cute, sweet, and moderately funny girl.
Friend: "Did you see Big Fat Liar?"
Me: "Yeah..Amanda Bynes didn't suck."
by Jesa_gurl. October 14, 2006
1038 378
One of the only child actresses that rose above all of the throw-away pop garbage that we see all the time, drugs, and eating disorders and grew up to be a respectable and talented woman who has high hopes for her future and a strong well-being.
Amanda Bynes, unlike those Paris Hilton wannabees, is a talented person who cares about herself and her future.
by Mai Valentine August 02, 2009
523 191
the only female actor that has not done cocain

random person: hey amanda would you like some cocain?
amanda bynes; do i look like lindsey lohan?
by bonniemichelle February 20, 2009
394 176
Once a beautiful and talented girl who was a role model to millions of kids. Now a drug addict who has a habit of calling everyone Ugly and tweets strange tweets and even stranger selfies. Many say she has multiple personality disorder while others claim it's just a publicity stunt.
What happend to Amanda Bynes?
by stardos June 30, 2013
225 106
A beautiful and talented girl who is currently battling a mental illness. The public has been mocking her and making a joke out of her illness, instead of urging her to get help which I find to be very sad.
Amanda Bynes needs as much support as she can get right now.
by lost_ November 12, 2013
75 80
Amanda Bynes is what no human even someone who has a wise and prodigious understood of poetry would never define with only words. Amanda Bynes is just beauty itself, she is the moon and her stars around her, the sun melted in a subliminal conjuction in the sky, an angel that felt to earth to show what gifts God gave her, and huge tributes humanity must give him due to such precious piece of his heaven.

If all beauties were taken from every woman in this mankind, that beauty would be called AMANDA BYNES.
A largely wide example could be the sun shimmering love and a gorgeous mixture of flowers and stars crowing a woman's face, that's Amanda Bynes.
by LUIGI HUARCAYA August 03, 2006
471 925