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a sexy ass cool chick who all the other females hate off of because everyone likes her and all the guys want her. she's smart, but so funny that'd you'd never guess she was. she's athletic and has her head on straight. she's adventourus and does crazy things. you cant help but to love her! the type of girl any guy would want!
man, that girl alyssia is the type of girl any guy would be lucky to have
by babybooeffyou. February 27, 2011
sexy, amazing, boyfriend stealing, smart, everything a guy would ever want girl!
alyssia is the most beautiful girl i've ever met.
by angelingelica January 07, 2008
Long ago in the ancient lands the land was covered by the blankets of the frozen ones. the people were scared and there was famine. they prayed and they prayed to the moon for their forgiveness but it did not come. finally after many sunless days one sunny day did come. a butterfly landed on a small flower that grew from the sun outside the village of Khiloa and they called the butterfly for its beauty and grace after the small flower..... the butterfly came and when it was on the flower, they called it Alyssium, the butterfly day.
Alyssium is celebrated on the fifteenth of may in rememberance of the butterfly who brought life to a dessolute wasteland...
by Yunivea March 27, 2010

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