cool, strong, handsome, rich, super smart, has swagg, owns many cars and is asian. ( usually chinese )
Shaniqua : DAYUMMMMMMMM; that boys the sex!
Lillian : i know! i wanna piece of that!

Shaniqua : yeah, he MUST be an alvin.
by StaceyScribblez June 29, 2009
Top Definition
a very sensitive person who is fun to hang around with and is not very talkative and tries to be a thug when he can
hey alvin wanna go to the movies yeah after i go bust a lick
by Nyteria February 23, 2004
Chipmunk from the 80's cartoon
"This IS the 80's Alvin"
by Gumba Gumba June 11, 2004
Usually a nice guy, who can take care of his girl, nd is obsessed with music and sports. Known to be really good at sex. Has the biggest I dont give a fuck attitude.
girl: hey Alvin, last night was fun ;)
boy: I know.
by getemgotem12 October 26, 2011
the act of placing one's balls into a woman's mouth; which causes her to look like a chipmunk storing nuts for the winter.
Since Dianne had a large mouth, she was able to perform the Alvin with ease on Mark.
by BWill April 17, 2008
one of the chipmonks from alvin and the chipmonks, the awsomest chipmonk of the 3..
-_- there is no exmple for alvin
by alvinsigmontheadore August 22, 2009
An immature twat who doesnt know what love is and who is very bad in bed and pretends to be a girl and tucks his dick in between his legs to have a "vagina"
Don't be an Alvin.
Everybody knows Alvin is a fuckboy.
by penisloverbbc April 27, 2015

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