A fat lard ass mexican who has no chin and looks like one of those PEZ despensers. Listens to extremely awful mexican rap through a pair of Dre Beats which everyone around him can hears and are annoyed. Could be associated with a taddin.
Pepi hangs out with that alvaro Perez, who annoys the hell out of me and Wolfgang as well
by alvaroperez53 December 07, 2011
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a guy who uses a girl to get off by fingering her.
"yeah i did an alvaro last night to her"
by thedarkendfairy October 02, 2006
The perfect boyfriend; someone who will stay on the phone with you just because, usually orange, someone who makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside whenever you're near them. They generally are funny, and tease you a lot. But you never care.
Alvaro my awesome orange boyfriend.
by pancrasia August 07, 2009
a person that is a good lover.
"I want an alvaro" said megan. "I have an alvaro" snickered kheycie.
by kheycie romero March 21, 2007
Usually a person of the sexy mexican nationality. He is funny, smart, and has a big cock. A minimum of 7 inches is what an alvaro has. An alvaro is usually short but he compensates for his big cock. He can be on the skinny side but he is very strong. He is always good with the ladies and they are all over him. All his friends wish they could be him. All the girls wish they could have a little alone time with him.
Guy: Damn I wish I was Him for one day.
Guy 2: Yea I know.

Girl: OMG! Alvaro is looking fine. As always.
Girl 2: Gosh I wish He was my boyfriend.
by iamheeee April 09, 2010
Alvaro - the most intelligent person you will ever meet, knows how to strike conversations, he can be quite the charmer, the best aspect of an Alvaro would be his giving nature, he often gives his all and even after keeps on giving. Alvaro's know how to treat a lady. Always a true gentleman, He is a great lover, a sexual being and will leave you wanting more.
Girl 1 : How was your date with Alvaro?
Girl 2: Fantastic he's a gentleman but an animal in bed
by I'mnottryingtobecockybut... July 09, 2014
An Alvaro is someone who is very sweet and sensitive. He hates spicy food, even though he is mexican. He's always up for a good joke and loves listening to Prince & Journey, is an amazing ballroom dancer and swan diver. You can always find him sipping manly cocktails from a straw with his little dog. Alvaro's are always great company, your life is very blessed if there is an Alvaro in it.
by short stack March 27, 2012
To own someone at a video game, casino game, board game (anything not physical), once the game is finished, the winner
boasts about it unnecessarily.

Right after John beat Tim at Halo 3, John had alvaro'd for hours.
by David Somarriba February 20, 2008

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