To own someone at a video game, casino game, board game (anything not physical), once the game is finished, the winner
boasts about it unnecessarily.

Right after John beat Tim at Halo 3, John had alvaro'd for hours.
by David Somarriba February 20, 2008
Synonym for the readily milkable prostate gland. A term coined in the bay area to commemorate an individual named alvaro who milked his prostate to the point of exhaustion.
"Dude, my asshole is soooo sore. I've been trying to reach my Alvaro for the last couple hours."
by Assplay March 02, 2010
A fat lard ass mexican who has no chin and looks like one of those PEZ despensers. Listens to extremely awful mexican rap through a pair of Dre Beats which everyone around him can hears and are annoyed. Could be associated with a taddin.
Pepi hangs out with that alvaro Perez, who annoys the hell out of me and Wolfgang as well
by alvaroperez53 December 07, 2011
a feeling you get when something bad is going to happen...or a bad feeling that won't go away
oh my gosh why won't this alvaro go away, it feels horrible.
by liegh January 06, 2008
Someone who is sexually excited by vomit.
" I didn't know she was into Alvaro!"
by Ykcirt7 January 04, 2010
Alvaro is a common name in Nicaragua. It generally means hairy cock shaft. Alvaro is the name of many gay porn stars who have pierced lips and are known to suck dick for money.
Even if I were gay, I wouldn't sleep with Alvaro
by luftwhopper September 22, 2009

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