a trip or vacation with the sole purpose of seeing someone get married.
My trip to Florida would have been much more fun if it hadn't been an altercation, watching two people get married just reminds me that I will probably die alone.
by caic January 15, 2009
A super kiss-ass way to down-play the word "Fight"
commonly used by people in denial
"Dude, I heard you chased your girlfriend out of the house calling her a whore and then punched her in the face"
"No dude. We just got into a little altercation
by MyDadIsADoucheBag October 28, 2009
a word black people on Judge Mathis and Judge Joe Brown love to use in place of the shorter word: fight often used multiple times in a very short period of time. also accompanied by use of the word incarceration
well uh, Judgejobrown... it was a previous altercation that resulted in the justification of my incarceration.
by wtsuck June 18, 2008
a term used by the 6pm local news reporters to differentiate a fight amongst blacks and a fight amongst whites.....
"witnesses say that an altercation took place outside Popeye's Chicken on n.e 14th st in Overtown, just north of downtown Miami, when the manager of the establishment accused Lebron of soliciting customers to refill his foughty bottle with 0range flavored High C from the drink dispenser."

"u/m students jeffery frasier and mark wallingford got into a brawl when wallingfords ex girlfriend Marie Relva admitted that she barked like a bitch when when frasier banged her in the booty"
by Stereotypically Correct April 04, 2016
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