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I'll fuck you. Only know the meaning if you say it out loud. Used to get past filters and to be smart.
Hey ma'am can you give this to your daughter:

Hey Nicole,
see you later
by AlphaQ January 07, 2006
A term relating to sexual relations. "Alpha Q-I'll f*&k you"
Alpha Q in the anus!
by ChiBearsFan5323 May 10, 2010
A teen sexting code, means "I'll fuck you." Usually used by middle schoolers to avoid getting caught by their parents.
Marty: Hey Maureen, alpha q baby ;)

Maureen: Oh yeah big boy ill give u extra credit ;)
by Joshi Boogychang March 14, 2015
pertaining traits to the god n alpha q 2.
how fucking alphaQ can u get? the bitch totally felt yer wrath. gg no re.
by G-Dragon March 10, 2003
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