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a high percentage of anything. A large quantity. More rather than less.
Tom liked the pasta alotabit while Dominic lliked it a little bit and Linda just hated it.
by The Dacting Inventor November 14, 2007
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Something you say when you don't want to admit to loving something way to much.
Erick: "Dude, there sure is alot of Pink in your must like it alot."
Mike: "Naw, i like it but just abit."
Erick: *Gives him the 'I dont believe you' look*
Mike: "Alright i like it Alotabit...." *admits shamelessly*
=P xxx
by Movies>Reality_112 April 23, 2009
A lot a bit is when you like something A LOT but you add a bit, so you don't sound obsessed.
Julia- I like him A lot a bit

Veronica- Ill hook you two up !
by Lia and iris May 29, 2011
A term used to exaggerate a small amount of something.
"I'm alotabit hungry. I could eat a whole potato chip."
by dayofseattle August 04, 2009
exact opposite of a little bit. secret phrase of jeff and kelsi
she was loved in large quantities. she was loved a lot a bit.
by kdad May 08, 2006

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