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An avocado is called an alligator pear by some New Orleanians.
You can't make guacamole without an alligator pear.
by eViL pOp TaRt July 03, 2010
An avocado
I like salt on my Alligator Pears, and I just love to make Guacamole with them.
by Jayy1989 April 14, 2010
Australian slang for avocado.
I just ate some delicious alligator pears!
by Oswald Petond November 24, 2008
A rock band in Seattle. They have a cd out called Choking On Reality.
I just saw the Alligator Pears last night! They rocked!
by Oswald Petond September 04, 2007
n./v. The desired outcome or action of something/someone to go the way you want it, but having the other person disagree and want it a different way. (See Example)
Mother: You're doing piano lessons Timmy! Period! It will look good on your college application.
Timmy: But I REALLY don't want to mom!
Timmy's Friend: Ahh, It's OK. She just wants the Alligator's Pear (or Alligator Pear)
by MoMan115 December 10, 2008