A song by the Hollywood Argyles about the character from the long-running comic strip. Happens to be the toughest man there is alive, also wears skins from a wildcat's hide.
That Alley Oop, he's the king of the Jungle Jive!
by Crappy Chris March 24, 2010
This is not for the weaker man; during intercourse in the verticle, standing position; the male lifts the female onto his shoulders in one fluid motion, and performs cunnilingus.
My buddy John broke his back trying to give a fat chick the alley-oop!!
by samiam4292 March 16, 2007
In the game Counter Strike, giving a boost on top of the boxes.
Hey Beer, can you give me an alleyoop up to this spot??
by Damsel March 29, 2005
when you stretch your erection in a loop to your asshole. from there you can see how many twinkies you can shove through your alley oop
I had one of those "do it yourself" nights so instead of the average jerk off, i instead went kinky and gave myself an alley oop.
by tophieCC September 15, 2010
An Alley Oop can happen when a person goes to wipe their ass after taking a shit. As a the hand brings the toilet paper up to the anus, an extra little turd falls out of the ass, sticks to the toilet paper, and gets slammed back into the rim... just like in basketball.

Unfortunately, an Alley Oop usually means that the turd will be smeard around on your ass and probably require a shower.
I went to wipe my ass and gave myself an Alley Oop. Gross.
by Wang_1814 June 08, 2009

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