Allahu akbar
simply means God is the greatest.
Muslims use this term all time time, for prayers, for praise purposes, innocent purposes not terrorist purposes.
Hassan is about to praying and says "Allah ackbar"
by ProUdToBeAmUSLiM June 11, 2007
Allah and Ackbar are the twin gods of chaos, death, and destruction. Together Allah (the great deceiver) and Ackbar (the great destroyer) have created the region of corruption, sorrow, and despair we now know as the middle east. Militants pay homage to this demonic duo and receive blessings by committing acts of murder and suicide. Death, no matter the source, feeds the wicked pair!
Allah Ackbar! Bless and fill us with unholy rage so we may smite our enemies!
by CGY July 22, 2006
something a terrorist says just before he hits a building head first.
from family guy : Peter griffin"oh my god you missed the time america was attacked by mentally challenged suicide bombers"." allah ack bar" SPLAT!
by dxjames123 May 20, 2010
An Arabic term meaning allah is greatest the Arabic word for God is IL Al , Islam does not recognize non muslims are innocent.
Allah Ackbar! you are a Al zalimun( 2:193 wrongdoer ,polythiest)I will strike you on the neck "Shirk is worse then killing"(2:190) .
by kaosktrl February 17, 2008
Contrary to what *many* have put here, it has nothing to do with terrorism, the devil or deception.

It simply means, "God is great". Allah being Arabic for God. Muslims believe in God and the Holy Qurran does not preach violence on innocents like extremists lead us all to believe.

It is a peaceful saying that extremists use in the wrong context perpetuating the myth of Islam being a violent religion.
I joined my friend in prayer, stating Allah Ackbar, God is Great.
by Lethean January 02, 2007
The average redneck\honky pronounciation of the actual sentence "Allah-u Ekber". Which simply means "God is great." 97% of the world being religious and believing in such deity, it is only common American ignorance to believe it is a muslim terrorist chant word. (The idea comes from the beheading videos of victims from the newest Iraqi war President Bush has started.)
I have prayed for your safe arrival and now you are here, Allah-u Ekber.
by MadMonkee January 31, 2005
It is the corrupted pronounication of the name of a chain of bars in Iraq. The correct name is All the Heck Bar.
Let's have a drink at Allah Ackbar tonight after shooting those bloody xmericxxs
by BS June 21, 2004
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