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Admiral Ackbar's cousin...for some reason his name is printed on the Iraqi flag.
Have you seen Allah Ackbar around? That cracker owes me money
by Omgwtfbbq June 19, 2004
An ugly woman (coined by groundskeeper Willie)
Ach! Back to the loch with YOU nessie!
by Omgwtfbbq October 10, 2004
Kinda wierd in the head. Comes from the DJ in GTA:VC.
that guy was Lazzlo - that guy was "mentally challenged"
by OMGWTFBBQ January 17, 2005
The act of giving oral sex, especially to a sailor/captain/naval officer. Variations:
Hand Cap'n- another word for hand job.
"Captain Bernard sure gives some good cap'ns."
by omgwtfbbq October 25, 2004
A person suffering from an immensely damaging state of retardation and sheer stupidity. Some symptoms include: screaming at computers, attempting to ALT+F4 a head of lettuce, mindless defragmentation of computers.
Shut the fuck up Hugh.
by omgwtfbbq April 17, 2004
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